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Work doesn’t have to be something you hate

HOW ARE YOU going to feel come Monday morning? When that alarm clock goes off, are your eyes going to snap open and sparkle with enthusiasm? Are you going to head off to your commute with a spring in your step? Are you looking forward to weeks, months, and years of that routine? I really hope you are, but sadly the odds are against it. In fact, according to one study, almost 60 percent of people around the world don’t like their jobs!1 And the Conference Board recently recorded the highest level of job unhappiness among American workers in its 20-plus-year history of doing similar surveys.

Most self-help books focus on changing your attitude, envisioning abundance, or fixing your relationships. But the real problem is that most people hate their jobs and don’t have enough money. Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else. If you spend any of your after-hours time watching TV, sleeping, or commuting, that leaves just a couple of daily hours where your kids, spouse, friends, hobbies, church, and everything else get any time at all.