The Book On Rental Property Investing

This book will likely ruin your life, as great books tend to do.

It will challenge the way you look at life, finances, and real estate. It will lead you to envision a different life for yourself, one not suggested by your parents, society, your alma mater, or the media. It will encourage you to step out and create a whole new path for yourself, one that you construct out of thin air. It will introduce you to numerous ideas, paths, strategies, and concepts for achieving financial freedom through rental properties. It will give you answers to questions you never knew to ask, and likely leave you with a few more questions I didn’t think to answer (but don’t worry, that’s not a bad thing).

My goal with this book is to create the single greatest guide on rental property investing ever written. Trust me, I’ve read hundreds! In each chapter, I will explore one specific step in rental property investing, explaining it in depth and helping you understand how to navigate every stage of the process.